Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Wishes

So DJ asked me whether I was going to write a birthday post for him this year after last years
Kinda feels like I'm giving him the easy way out but here it goes. 

For my birthday this year, here are my hints:

Children around the World set by Sarah Jane.

Image of Oh My Deer!
Oh My Deer from The Red Thread.

Rick Rack Silver Ring handmade by Christina Lowry

Nana's Homemade Scones Print

Any of Dawn Tan's gorgeous recipe illustrations.

the Secret Garden
I know they are not out for a couple of months but I really really want these Jillian Tamaki designed hand-sewn covers of three Penguin classics.

And last but not least, anything from Have You Meet Miss Jones (Although I am in love with this deer light)

Hope this helps DJ!


  1. Well there is no excuse for him this year Brianna, I hope you get some of these divine pieces, and have an awesome Birthday too! xo

  2. Good range of ideas! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. I have to copy your idea before my birthday in a couple of weeks. I desperately want a ric-rac ring too!