Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's about time!

I know, I know, things have been a bit slack around here lately! 
I have uploaded photos on to the computer weeks ago and just have not had time to blog them. Just got of a ten day work days straight and DJ's car was written off about two weeks ago which has not left me with much time or energy to blog.

But finally I can show you what I bought at Finders Keepers,

Ms Curlypops and I both came home with these cuties from Delilah Devine. Can't wait to give the wall a clean and stick these up above the bed.

This gorgeous linen print from Kirsten Doran. Love the colours of this and the little details in it. Sorry the pictures so bad! Have not decided what I shall turn it into yet, maybe another cushion for the bed.

Nicole and I saw these last Finders Keepers and loved them but never bought them! I got one for each of us this time and put my in an Ikea frame.

Can't wait for the next Finders Keepers!


  1. these are 3 lovely purchases !
    I had never seen that quote and it made me smile :)

  2. Oh I loved those crochet cards/prints too. Gorgeous. We haven't managed to hang our wild horses up yet either.

    See you at the NCB next week.