Monday, April 18, 2011

My Birthday Weekend (Otherwise known as the weekend when I got spoilt rotten!)

I had a lovely birthday weekend, breakfast and presents in bed. No DJ didn't get me anything of my list but what I did get was so much better (and pink!).

An iPad! I am totally in love with it, it comes everywhere in my handbag. I have been taking it to bed to twitter at night or read my blogs and even better I can blog from it unlike my iPhone. Just need to make a cover for it or convince someone to make one for me! My parents got me some beautiful clothes, quilt pattern and very cute babushka headphones that I forgot to take a picture of. DJ's mum made me the beautiful table runner that everything is resting on, and got me Nikki's book and another babushka. My grandma made me the gorgeous card on the right.

I also woke up to lots of birthday twitter love from the girls.

DJ was a very very good boyfriend and went to AQC with my mum, aunty and I. Although I did have to drag him away from the quilting machines, he was obsessed with how they worked! 

I then got to go Ice Skating! It was so much fun, and I even managed not to fall down. DJ did think it was very funny to hold my hand and skate as fast as he could while I'm trying my hardest not to fall over. 

I had a wonderful dinner of Thai takeaway with my family and boy for dinner, and of course cake.

On Sunday I was feeling a little sad that it was all over, but DJ had news for me. 

He took me for drive along Beach Road, we had lunch in Sandringham and went for a lovely walk along the beach. The weather was fantastic and I could have fallen asleep on the glass had I been allowed to!

But no we had to get home because he had arranged one last surprise for me. 

Can you guess where?
He had arranged dinner at Sky High on top of Mount Dandenong with friends!
The food was fantastic (spiced salmon on top of warm Japanese salad, yum) and the view was even better!

Thank you DJ for a wonderful birthday weekend.
(Best Boyfriend ever!)


  1. Sounds like you did get spoilt rotten. My birthday was similar but in QLD, I got spoilt this weekend just gone too because my birthday was on the wednesday. You are very lucky to have a boyfriend like DJ :).

  2. Wow!! Sounds like you really did have a wonderful birthday!! Talk about spoiled!! So glad it was a happy one!
    Take care!

  3. Awww, he's cutie too! Although I did think there may be bigger surprise at the end than just dinner haha. How did you squeeze all that in, and still have time to tweet to us?

  4. happy happy birthday, what a lucky gal you are♥

  5. Awww what a sweetie!
    I'd be happy to make you an iPad sleeve. Any particular fabric in mind?

  6. What a fab birthday - the pressies and the outings - a perfect combination.
    Happy birthday to you!

  7. What a fantastic birthday weekend! Happy birthday!