Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space

Not a lot of sewing happening around here. Down at the holiday house and the sewing machine hasn't actually made it out of the car yet(has more to do with a sore back than not wanting to sew). I'm starting to plan out my quilt for the Naked Bed Challenge using the above vintage sheets (what's better to cover a naked bed with than vintage sheets?) but freaking out a little about cutting into them and not actually having a pattern to follow. I've decided to make up my own pattern which I have done before but this one is a bit more complex than what I've done before.
Fingers crossed it works!

For more creative spaces.

Ps. First blog post from the iPad so hopefully it works! (Shhhh, I'm actually sitting at a winery in the sun writing this)


  1. well enjoy the wine,
    here's my X fingers.. good luck with the quilt the fabrics look terrific.

  2. Yep, it worked!!! How lovely being at a winery, we have many gorgeous ones in Vic don't we? Your vintage sheets are gorgeous cannot wait to see what you make with them, yum! xo

  3. Enjoy the sun. It's been cloudy and miserable all day (actually, for the last couple of days actually)where I am. Oh, and enjoy the wine too!

  4. Oh how lovely and a fab idea for a naked bed!
    Hope you feel better soon :)

  5. Gorgeous! Love the colours of those sheet patterns. I made a quilt top from similar sheets and raw linen a while back (still haven't finished the actual quilt) - your colours are a bit more vibrant and pretty. I'm sure it will look wonderful!
    Hope your back gets better soon - I know how you feel and it's not fun at all.