Tuesday, April 13, 2010

After last year....

After what happened last year...
 We were away and he forgot my Birthday. This was my handmade card, there were no presents (He did make it up to me big time!). 

I thought I better give you some ideas for this year....

1. Owl Bobby Pins 2. Matryoshka Art Doll 3. This Bag and This Book (or you could put the book in the bag!) 4. Smooching Button (I do love the "I'd rather be smooching my crafty girlfriend" too) 5. My Favourite Spot in Spring Cushion

Ps. It's this Friday.


  1. this isn't going to go so well when you don't let him read your blog posts!

    i'm working on a blog post for you, in my head.
    it's coming along nicely.... not.
    assignments are ruining my life bri!

  2. I've let him read this one only! Had to do something so he didn't forget again.

  3. Great idea!
    i hope he blows you away and gets you something AMAZING!!

  4. Finally I get to see a blog :) (I can see the titles of previous blogs next to me, but will avoid looking at them)

    Thank you for the ideas gorgeous!


  5. Brianna, how funny that you did the same thing I did on my blog about birthday presents! :)

    You have some great choices there.

    These boys seem to need strong hints don't they? :)