Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Creative Space...Tada!

I really wanted to put a picture of nothing here, 
but it's a bit hard to take a picture of nothing. 

Today My Creative Space is empty! I have finished the Diamonds Quilt and have nothing else to do. Well ok I have heaps of things I could be finishing but no real project that I am working on.

I guess that means I will just have to show you pictures of the finished quilt then...

I love this quilt. I can't wait to take it to the quilters and then pop it on my bed now that the nights are getting cooler.

Close ups of the pattern.

And the stain glass effect from behind.

I am so glad I did the class with Kaffe and Brandon, although I never imagined I would come away with a quilt so spectacular as this.

To read about the journey see here, here, here and here.

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  1. Wow! It looks like the sea from far away but when you see it up close its something else entirely. Congratulations on finishing it.

  2. Looove the middle line of dotted diamonds, just sort of makes the rest of the quilt come together and the colours in that line look like a coral reef....I keep expecting a fish to glide through :P. The whole quilt looks like an underwater landscape and it's just brilliant!

  3. It's beautiful! I love the colour combinations. Well done!

  4. Brianna!!!! This is so amazing!! You have inspired me finish mine off in the next week.

  5. Great quilt! Must be a lot of effort to match them all up. It looks quite amazing altogether.

  6. Wow your quilts are amazing. great colours

  7. Wow!!! That is just stunning! Well done :)

  8. It is absolutely stunning Brianna, and you have whipped it up so quickly! How wonderful to have this to snuggle under this winter. I adore the blues, you have inspired me to think about a blue quilt too. Love the stained glass effect. xo

  9. Wow... you must have sooooo much patience!