Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I don't have a problem....Really

Okay, I may have a slight problem. You see I love buying chairs, and not just any chairs. The ones that (cough) you find driving around your neighbourhood at hard rubbish time, or the ones you see in Op Shop and have grand plans for. Worst of all, the ones you see refurbished and all pretty on someone elses' blog and think 'I saw a chair like that in the Op Shop the other day, and I could totally do what they did'.


Case in point.
 I saw this chair and then read this post. Well of course I had to go back and get the chair. 
Now I just need to work out what I want to recover mine in.

Stamp on the bottom of the chair. Look familiar to anyone?

I got this rocking chair a couple of years ago. 
It has nearly been all sanded back but needs a little gluing and about 50 tiny little tacks pulled out of it. Just imagine it stained and then recovered with some Rouenneries Roche stripe, and three or four quilts sitting, folded up on it. 

This chair may be the bane of my existence. I have spent days and days electric sanding it back and have got nowhere. I think it may have been a theater prop as it has layers and layers of gold paint. Still have not decided what I am doing with this one in terms of colour or fabric.

I also have four matching chairs under the house hiding as well.

So please next time you see me out, do not let me near your hard rubbish or Op Shop.
 (Unless of course you have a really nice chair!)  


  1. I used to have that exact same addiction. I ended up with a house full of chairs!
    Those are beauties - they'll be so lovely once you've had a chance to re-do them.

  2. Yep, I hear you loud and clear!! My sister has a shed full as well! It's so great when it's finally done though - keep going! They will all look so lovely!

  3. glory box glory box glory box.
    when you get a house it'll already be furnished :D

  4. I love chairs too. They're my favourite piece of furniture (and yes I know that is an utterly weird thing to say!). If my husband ever left me I'd fill my house with chairs...and kittens (who no doubt would sleep in all the chairs and ruin them).

    So admire you for your restoration efforts!