Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 22: What 25m of Bunting looks like...

After 10 hours today and 6 yesterday we now have 25 meters of beautiful hand cut, ironed, starched and sewn bunting! 

Unfortunately it is not to decorate my room or anything like that, but to go with Kelly to Houston on Monday (she could only fit the bunting in her suitcase not me!).

Really doesn't look like 25 meters does it :(
I'm off to bed...7 hours at a sewing machine really takes it out of you.

Ps. I think I could make bunting in my sleep now!


  1. The bunting looks lovely! Sweet dreams ;)

  2. It's wonderful! Bet you feel like you've pieced an entire quilt. o.O What an amazing job.

  3. Wow that looks so beautiful, there are some very pretty prints in there.