Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 10: Flea Market Finds

I am so excited to be able to write my first ever Flea Market Finds post today! 
It is even better because I have added to my Nallyware collection. 
We went to a trash and treasure market in Bendigo this morning and I came home with these!

The tea one is missing the handle at the top but I did get them for a pretty bargain price so I'm not too worried (I do already have a tea one anyway!). If anyone does know where I could get a handle or another lid it would be great. They need a good clean, although them don't look like it here and the coffee has a sticker on the back that says 'silver sand'? I can't wait to get them all cleaned up and on the shelf with the others.

Had a great time in Bendigo and can't wait to share my other purchases and that fact that I snuck back and made it to Finders Keepers! That will have to wait until tomorrow because my bed is definitely calling.  


  1. What an awesome find :) I agree they dont look like they need too much cleaning up !!!

  2. very nice!
    you do realise you've dragged me away from my assignment... you're a monster! there's no chance i'll ever finish it now nooooooooooo!
    na not really. i'll finish it everntuallllllly.
    see you thursday hopefully!

  3. I love these things, that green colour is so pretty! Great set, congrats on such a good find!

  4. What a lovely find - I love the colours and the font of the writing ... I really should try and find some for my kitchen.

  5. They are gorgeous. I've always wanted a set of gorgeous retro canisters.

  6. Brilliant find. Very happy for you. Cherrie

  7. i love the font on the canisters, and ofcourse the vintage colours... it is a great find, indeed.

  8. Wonderful find! I came over from Her Library Adventures because there was no way I could resist the name of your blog. :)