Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 11: Maybe it wants to work after all?! Bendigo, Finders Keepers and a little complaint

Had a great weekend in Bendigo. It was my annual family get together so I got to catch up with my grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins. I also got to do a spot of shopping:

More Babushka Fabric from Drapers of Mt Macedon

 Swedish/Russia Fabric from Honeysuckle Patchwork

My Grandma had made me two more beanies! The second sits a bit funny when on, not sure what to do about that?

A new bob boutique bag! I loved this shop, could have spent hours in there.

Little red riding hood and wolf buttons. I think a have just discovered I have a obsession with buying things with little red riding hood on them. 

DJ and I came home a little early from Bendigo yesterday and met Nicole for a fun afternoon at Finders Keepers. 
It was hands down the BEST market I have been to!
I was so overwhelmed with all the gorgeous stuff on offer that I didn't know where to begin. I grabbed heaps of cards of things I liked and pointed out stuff to DJ as well. Fingers crossed some of it is under the tree on Christmas day!
I bought this badge from Aunty Cookie. 

Loved this card from ? (Forgot to grab a card from here!)

And now my little whinge. I bought a bag from Finders Keepers and got outside and went to put my water in it. Saw that it had a little tag inside it and thought that was a little weird, so I read it. "Designed in Australia. Made in China". I was not really happy when I read this. I would have not bought the bag if I had know this before hand and part of the reason I buy things at markets like this is to support locally made things. Don't really want to say anymore than this but I am still not happy and am feeling a little ripped off.

Finders Keepers was amazing apart from this small thing and I can't wait to hear when the next one is! 


  1. I'd be pretty disappointed if I discovered that too. It's not at all what you expect when you pay for handmade!

    Guess what? You won my giveaway. You'll have to email me your address so I can post your artwork to you.

  2. I know how you feel. some of the handmadies have reached a stage where they out source a lot of there work and only do the designs not the making. I understand this is so they can move on and grow as a business, but it still makes me a little sad too as though an element of what drew you to it originally has been removed ):