Friday, October 30, 2009

Monster Post

No nothing to do with Halloween, just getting back into the blogging game after a break. Have been sick since my last post and have spent a few days in bed, and taking a lot of cold and flu and cough medicine! My trip to Echuca was really good, my mother's side of the family all get together once a year and have a weekend away . We stayed right on the river and also went on a steamboat cruise.

The river is a lot higher than when we came up last year and the weather was great (not as hot as last time thank goodness). Also got to check out the three! fabric stores in Echuca and picked up these cute fabrics and this gorgeous pattern:

When I was about 4 or 5 I remember my Mum making me a Hickory Dickory Dock cake for my birthday (I am think of asking for another one for my next birthday after seeing this pattern!), and when I saw this pattern I just had to buy it!

I also went to Go Country in Pakenham a couple of weekends ago in Pakenham. My Grandfather (dad's side) volunteers every year and told as to come along. It was a fantastic day out. I highly recommend you come along next year especially with kids. There was a petting pen, lots of farming stalls and my favourite of all:

Cute little snakes! Dj would not have a bar of going any where near me with these around my neck, and my mum and grandmother were even farther away! They were really fun to hold and seem like easy pets to look after.

Also had fun looking at these little cuties! I had never seen a shorn alpacha before, it looked like a big poodle!

Have been doing a lot of stitching as well, but have some big news as well. Have started working 2 days a week here. I am loving being around fabric all day and are finding I am doing a lot more craft when I come home, which is good because some extras  are starting to sneak home as well! I am away for the long weekend, heading down to my holiday house at Phillip Island until Tuesday and will hopefully see some sun! Back next week with some finishes!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Missing in action....

Sorry for no posts this week, had a wonderful time in Echuca last weekend and then came back to 6 days straight at work (very long days and another 12 hours tomorrow to go!). Have now got a horrible bug and just feel like crawling under the sheets! Hopefully back on Sunday or Monday with pictures from Echuca and the pretty material I purchased.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Creative Space....

Planning our trip to Echuca for the weekend. Hoping to get to as many fabric shops inbetween Melbourne and Echuca as possible (shhh don't tell DJ). It is our annual Family getaway and my aunty is a hexagon fiend so hopefully a lot of hexagons happening. Please comment and let me know of any shops along the way worth visiting (probably going up the Hume Highway). Really want to stop in here on the way, lucky it's open on a Friday.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Creative Space....

I was trying so hard with my Anti Procrastination Week until I ran out of stuffing, and then found out my craft store had no more and I have to wait for more! So there are now two Phoebe's: one 3/4 stuffed (and ears pinned on for pic!), other flat out on the table; a  Bubbles Unicorn with only legs stuffed; and a Tilda Sew Pretty Homestyle Teddy all stuffed apart from head. I hear you all asking "why did you not just stuff one thing at a time?", and trust me I am asking the same thing as well!

    But I have been busy, finished this week are:

Prett Doily, bad photo sorry! Hopefully if you click you can see it bigger (but hopefully not big enough to see my uneven stitches!).

Also finished is this quilt. I love the colours so much! Put in the sun behind photo because I thought it looked like a stained glass window. Plus it has been blowing a gail here the past couple of days and has been hard trying to get a good photo. One day this will hang on my wall.

I couldn't not show my new shoes I got yesterday:

New Breast Cancer Volleys, have been wearing them all day and are thinking of going down and getting another pair as I love them so much!

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