Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Creative Space....

I was trying so hard with my Anti Procrastination Week until I ran out of stuffing, and then found out my craft store had no more and I have to wait for more! So there are now two Phoebe's: one 3/4 stuffed (and ears pinned on for pic!), other flat out on the table; a  Bubbles Unicorn with only legs stuffed; and a Tilda Sew Pretty Homestyle Teddy all stuffed apart from head. I hear you all asking "why did you not just stuff one thing at a time?", and trust me I am asking the same thing as well!

    But I have been busy, finished this week are:

Prett Doily, bad photo sorry! Hopefully if you click you can see it bigger (but hopefully not big enough to see my uneven stitches!).

Also finished is this quilt. I love the colours so much! Put in the sun behind photo because I thought it looked like a stained glass window. Plus it has been blowing a gail here the past couple of days and has been hard trying to get a good photo. One day this will hang on my wall.

I couldn't not show my new shoes I got yesterday:

New Breast Cancer Volleys, have been wearing them all day and are thinking of going down and getting another pair as I love them so much!

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  1. Very creative space here! It all looks so great and I love the way you've constructed your quilt :) K

  2. It all looks wonderful, and very busy indeed!

  3. It looks to me as if you've been very productive. The quilt looks terrific.

  4. Looks like you did a grand job during anti-procrastination week! That is half (or more of) the battle sometimes, isn't it?! One of my main sources of procrastination is the number of piles of things in the sewing room. I just took care of some of that by tidying up slightly. There, that feels better! Yes, you need a second pair of those pretty shoes!

  5. I'm drooling, Brianna!
    That quilt is just exquisite, and the pink Volleys...I am jealous already. Must see if we can get them up here! :-)

  6. Oh where can I get some of those shoes.
    Well done with your anti-procrastination. I may have to try that. You are very creative too.