Friday, September 25, 2009

Anti Procrastination Week!

Sarah from Christopher and Me  has come up with a great idea, Anti Procrastination Week so I have decided to join in. Hopefully it means the end of these everywhere in my sewing room:

I seem to have accumulated a fair few snap lock bags with unfinished projects in them.
A lot of mine unfinishes seem to be softies. Although extremely cute I can never seem to stuff them properly. I always seem to end up a bit lumpy or not able to stand properly softies. I have tried almost everything (but are welcome to suggestions) but with not luck. So this weeks finishes will be:

Tilda Sew Pretty Homestyle Teddy 
Melly & Me Kaleidoscope Bubbles Unicorn
Two Melly & Me Phoebe Elephants

And NO new projects will be started until these are finished!


  1. Ooo I love Melly and Me patterns. I have the Mrs Perkins pattern, but I'd really like the Dinosaur

  2. there might be some muffins left for saturday...
    depends on how many i eat studying tomorrow.
    though it is a study day so there's much potential for more muffins...