Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Best Op Shop Find Ever!

I was in Beaconsfield avoiding (or taking a well deserved break as I like to call it) studying for my exam the next day. Thought I would look in the Salvos and see if I could find some vintage sheets (no luck). Was wandering around when I spotted these in a basket on one of the shelves:
I quickly picked them all up and hurried over the the register. Me "How much for these?", Salvos Lady "50 cents each", Me shocked "Are you sure?", Lady "Yes". So I hurriedly bought them before she changed her mind and almost ran to the car (completely not seeing DJ's younger brother who said hi to me and I didn't even see him!).
Closer look:
This is the only one still on the original cardboard, 100% nylon, Made in England.
Light and darker pink.
Love the white lace!
How cute is this colour!
My absolute favourite. Big very light blue lace. This is the only one I have taken of the cardborad the have a closer look at. A little stained or dirty, but had been unpicked off the bottom of a skirt of dress as there are small little holes at the top and it is been sewn into a circle. 
Also found this edge trim in with the lace.
So my 'Best Op shop find ever' cost me a total of $3, I still can't believe it myself. If anyone knows anything about vintage lace could they please comment or email me and let me know anything more about it. I have been told it is from 50s to 70s but nothing more than this. I'm off to the Op Shop now to try and better my luck!


  1. Great find Brianna. I have just started op-shop treasure hunting. Can't believe I didn't do it years ago. Lots of wonderful goodies to uncover:) Anita.x

  2. Great find. Thrifted supplies are the best. Good for the environment, the soul and the pocket!