Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 13: Self Portrait

I thought I would do my self portrait based on my blog name so here it is!

I had heaps of fun setting this up. Pulled out all my fat quarters and other bits and pieces from a big box I had and set it up on my bed. I figured if I was going to be laying there for a while while I took a million pictures, I may as well be comfortable! 
I did think of doing one of those "money' shots with fabric all over the bed and fabric falling down from the air all around me, but figured I would need someone else to take the pic. I'll just have to wait until 'someone else takes your portrait day'! 
Pop over and see the Queen of Blogtoberfest herself for more self portraits.

Ps. Only a couple of hours left to enter my giveaway


  1. Very creative and clever. Look forward to the action shot for next time - LOL! Lou.

  2. Love it Brianna! Very creative!

  3. Such a fun picture! Thanks for sharing! Isn't blogtoberfest fun?


  4. Great shot... love that you're rolling in fabric.

  5. What a fun photo.
    Congratulations on winning the painting!

  6. That is a GREAT pic - what a fab idea!! Love it ;-) Much more creative than mine.

  7. Ahahahaa... fantastic! I want to roll in some fabric too...! Although I don't think it would be terribly comfy right now... perhaps it would be better to be draped in lovely fabrics while stuffing my face with chocoalate... yes... yes... that's sounds like a plan...