Sunday, October 31, 2010

Blogtoberfest Day 31: Flea Market Finds

Even though Sophie is not doing Flea Market finds this week, I just had to share because I have had bountiful finds this week!

Found at the Kongwak Market this morning. 
Can't wait to get home and find some matching fabric to recover the cushion in.

Also found at Kongwak market. 
Just love the colours of the anodised cups. 
DJ is happy because I already have a set and I said we can use these ones instead of displaying them. 
Somehow drinks just taste so much better out of them!

Bargain vintage pillow covers. 
I'm thinking I may have to get started on my vintage quilt. I'm thinking vintage chenille for the back of it, so I better get searching for that.

DJ has promised more Op Shopping for tomorrow so hopefully there will be things for me to share next week on Flea Market finds since I have jumped the gun this week!

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  1. Coke always tastes better out of those anodised cups. It's just like the difference between coke in a can and coke in a plastic bottle - the can wins hands down!

  2. Love the pillowcases! And oh my word, my great-grandmother had those cups and I'd totally forgotten about them until now. Love your finds!