Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crab Claw

Things are going to be a bit sore and painful around here for the next few days.

Had a little bit of a slip and burnt three of my fingers on the wood fire.

A lot of pain, buckets of cold water, burnaid and bandages on, I'm starting to feel better today.

Finding it a little difficult to do things with one hand and I'm not exactly the best patient either.

Whoever knew it was so difficult to thread a needle with one hand?!

Fingers on my good hand crossed that I heal quickly and are back sewing in no time!

Ps. Am writing this in my PJs on the couch. Waiting for The Boy to come home and help me shower and thread some needles. 
Such a glamorous life! 


  1. Ouch !!! Poor you . Hope it heals quickly

  2. Oh no - not good Brianna. I hope you are back crafting with both 'paws' soon!

  3. hope you heal fast, and see a Doc. if they dont start healing, please.♥

  4. oh poor you Bri, burns are nasty ... Lyndel's right ... keep an eye on em ...

    Love the crab claw though ... :)

    Hope you/it/they feel better soon

  5. OUCH!!! that looks painful even bandaged up!
    hope you're back to threading your own needles in no time!

  6. Those fingers are part of an important tool kit - make sure they heal fast.
    No threading the needle would be hell.