Monday, January 31, 2011


I managed to find the on switch on the sewing machine Saturday night and was able to get this finished. It was  stitched using the 602 Larkspur by Cottage Garden Threads, and I love how the swirls have all come out different colours with this thread. 

If you follow Ms Dabbling all day you may have already seen this on her blog, but I had forgot to show it here. this is the gorgeous and very warm crochet blanket that she made me for my birthday (ok, my birthday was in April but it takes a long time to crochet when you are at uni!), and I received in December.  

Me, snuggled under the blanket stitching before Christmas (when it wasn't so hot!).

I may have also forgot to show you my finished cross-stitch. Finally got this finished, just in time for the Craft Christmas party but it involved a couple late nights and a very sore shoulder.

On a bit sadder note for me, the craft store I was working at has been sold so at the moment I am trying to search for a new job. I am just hoping I can find another job as enjoyable, creative and fun as it was. In the mean time I have lots of time for sewing and blogging!


  1. Oh Bri, job hunting can be hard -I hope you find something super fun, really quickly (oh and with a stupendously generous pay packet too)

  2. i do love that heart cushion!
    hope the job hunting is relatively painless!

  3. Ah there you are! :) Sorry to hear about the job and good luck in your search. In the meantime, love the stitching you're doing.

  4. Both those pillows are amazing and I'm envious of your crocheted blanket. Good luck in the job search.