Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space...

Is filled with vintage sheets and pillowcases and one (hopefully sharp) quick-un-pick. 
I am thinking it was a bit evil that Ms DabblingallDay left her sheets in my car too, I think she wants me to unpick hers too! 
We have grand ideas of pillows, quilts and buntings floating around in our heads so I better get ripping....
I wonder what the midday movie is...? 

Also did anyone else read the opinion page in the Herald Sun yesterday? 
It had an interesting piece on op shopping and it's affordability. Link here.

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  1. Oh I scored a lovely vintage sheet today... what are you doing with yours???
    Nope ... don't get the Herald Sun here - maybe I can find the article on line - sounds interesting.

  2. that article is soooooooo right. op-shops are way beyond verging on the ridiculous. i guess hard rubbish is the only way to cheaply furnish a home these days... (no seriously, my arm chair is amazing!)

    also i left my sheets in your car because they're yours silly! a present for driving me everywhere ha ha!
    ps. found more in the salvos in moe while visiting my grandma yesterday too!!!