Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Heart Cute things (and Kaffe)!

DJ was very good to me on Saturday and took me to Daylesford. We checked out the Marker's Market and the main street and the of course popped around to Lark. We were lucky not to come home with the whole shop! I limited myself to a Belle and Boo pocket mirror,

Four of the cutest little badges,

and this gorgeous tin which I am going have to show you all four sides of.

When then decided to go to Ballarat and were met with this...

We managed to turn around and get there another way (I got in a little trouble for winding down the window and taking that last photo!).
I wrangled my way into Ballarat patchwork and bought this pattern, now added to the must do list.

I also scored these cute Kokka prints from Gails Patchwork Emporium, I have never seen a shop with so much fabric!

Just have to work out what I want to make with it now!

Off to sew together a bit more of the Kaffe quilt. Just seen that Glorious Color have new kits for the Kaffe book but really trying to get this one finished before I start another!


  1. Beautiful badges and tins! Wow, the floods have been bad haven't they, so glad you found another way to Ballarat Patchwork (I can't wait to visit there, never been before!). The cushion pattern is gorgeous. xo

  2. Wow, that tin! I am instantly jealous.

  3. I got to go to Gail's today between clients - I really did want one of almost everything, but managed to get out with just 3 pieces of fabric.

    Gorgeous goodies you in your travels, there is always some way around that water, especially for some fabric goodness.