Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative Space...Or a hundred and One projects on the go!

Almost finished Polka Dot Daze's Pincushion...

Just a little bit more left on Rocking Horse (Yes I know I say that every week!)

Still folding down edges on my Joseph's Coat petals (only 600 or so to fold!), and still waiting on more KF fabric.

A sneak peak at my Christmas in July project...

And just so you don't think I never finish anything...

The binding is on the wedding quilt. Ready to give tomorrow.

And a new quilt for the couch since it has been so cold this week!
Off to the wedding tomorrow, fingers crossed it's not to cold! I'll try and post some photos Sunday.

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  1. Wow ... you sure do have lots of projects on the go... and they all look wonderful. Have fun at the wedding.

  2. Looks like you have your hands full. What a lovely quilt.

  3. quilt looks great!
    and i do like the look of that button-y project...
    i'll have to show you the awesome buttons i scored from my grandma. maybe i can lend you some!

  4. It's looking gorgeous!
    Can't wait!
    Thank you :)

  5. wow, that wedding quilt is gorgeous - what an amazing gift...

    (PS: I think your idea of a ribbony hula hoop is fantastic!)

  6. Wow, you are getting lots done! Love the top photo, with the pink flowers, just beautiful!

  7. Can't wait to see all of the rocking horse. It looks amazing from what I can see already!