Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Joseph's Coat Update or Postie please bring me some more Kaffe!

I had another class with Kellie last Thursday and have finally traced all my petals out! Only have about a hundred left to cut out now (hopefully after work tonight!), and have ironed and cut out about 300 fabric petals now. Only have to glue down the sides of all of them!

Only problem is I have almost ran out of Kaffe material to use! Have a order in for the new season of his fabrics so fingers crossed it arrives soon. 

Just remembered i had some more petals tucked away in a container (I was thinking that I had lost some!) so here's a pic of the 'lost' ones!

Oh, and the Kona coal background fabric finally arrived as well, as seen under my pretty petals. And yes my carpet is nearly the same colour as my background which makes it quite easy to plan my layout!
At the moment my favourite petal. 
Off to try and fussy cut some more material to hopefully get a few more petals, and gaze longingly for the postie to bring me some more fabric! 

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  1. wow. a lot of work on this one! love the idea of all the different colours going in to it!Do keep us posted on its progress, very exciting!