Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day

Guess where I went on Valentine's Day! DJ took me up to Daylesford for the day and we had a great lunch down at the lake. Before we strolled around the town and I managed to sneak into Lark and get this cute little bag!

Which is now taking pride of place on my wall because I can't bring myself to use it!
Off to Phillip Island again tonight (was meant to be for the whole weekend but DJ has a Buck's party so I'm sure I can find heaps od sewing to keep me busy!). Going to dinner here tomorrow night for early anniversary dinner. Eight years and still not married or engaged!  


  1. that's the cutest bri!
    oh and enjoy your dinner. that place is literally around the corner from where i grew up! i've heard it's quite lovely there :D
    see you next week, i'll bring ripply in to visit you on tuesday!