Monday, October 24, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 24: My Place and Yours

So when Vic was giving us the option on this weeks' MPAY I was against having to show my stash (or secret under the bed, stuffed in draws etc etc stash)! I should have remembered how bad my pincushion situation was as well...
So beside my sewing machine we have... 

Yukky cheap pins that I don't want fraternizing with my good pins...

Longer pins that I like to use for piecing long strips of fabric together when sewing quilts together and a few stray quilting safety pins that do have their own tin but that was a little too messy to photograph...

And look! An actual pin cushion! 

Here is where my slight OCDness comes in, good red pins in the orange square, good fine and sharp white pins in the red square, needles on the blue and forked pins in the green!

Now that I have shared my disgraceful lack of pincushions I really should be off and make myself some more...

Playing along over here!


  1. you are the cutest. Your pin cushion system is the most organised one I've ever seen.
    my pins and cushions would be jealous i have two and that's because half the time i cant find one or the other so i figured by having two i'll always have one with me. that said i very often loose them both

  2. I can't even manage to sort the bent ones out of mine!!

  3. Bahahaha... you ARE funny.

    I'm with Jackie; if it's in my pincushion, it stays in my pincushion lmao; bent, blunt, rusty, you're all safe here. ;)

    I feel sorry for your poor cheap pins that aren't allowed to play!

    Thanks for joining in B-Fab.

  4. I love your pin cushion orderliness! And the cushion itself is nice too. Like a little blanket.

  5. What are the forked pins for? I've never seen them before (that I remember, anyway lol).