Friday, October 21, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 21: Two dolls for two little girls

About four months ago my cousin bought her two little girls to come and visit us.

CB1 (cousin's baby one) who is four was devastated to find the our old toy does not contain toys like hers does but wood for the fire and the other big box (my blanket box) is full of tupperware!

After she made my dad open and close the wood box a few times just to double check there was really no toys in there, I remembered my ooshka babushkas on my bed.

Oops, just realised I never blogged about the other one!

CB1 carried them both around all day and had a hard time giving them up when she had to hop in the car and go home. I promised to make her one of her own before I saw her next.

Fast forward four month and my cousin told her I would be coming to visit. 
First thing she said was "Is she bringing dolly for me"! My cousin had not said one word about it for four months and she still remembered!

So here is my very happy customer!

"My" two little girls and their dollies.

Think CB2 may not understand dolly is for cuddling not crawling over!

Hi everyone!


  1. They are gorgeous B!
    I love the size too - almost like a cushion size. So cuddly. I don't know what it is, I've been preferring darker hair dolls for ages now. Love the top one especially.xx

  2. Kids have incredible memories! My niece reminded her dad that he promised (nearly 3 years ago!) that she could get a puppy when her twin sisters turned 3. How could he say no? She got her puppy!

  3. OMG, they are all gorgeous - the girls and the ooshkas!!

  4. What lucky girls! The dolls (and kids!) are adorable.

    Katie x