Saturday, July 23, 2011

Northern Craft Bonanza

On Wednesday NCB had our fortnightly crafting session at Stuzzi in Northcote.
Five of us girls braved the cold, and missed the last episode of Offspring (Not looking at anyone....).

Mel, Nicole, Lou, Tracey and I grabbed a table by the fire, ordered some drinks and dessert and pulled out our crafts.

Nicole was making some kind of medieval weapon, 

Oops, I mean knitting a glove with three double pointed needles.

Lou started her forth knitting project, and first scarf.
She even managed to pick out her own mistakes but did have to get Tracey to fix them for her. 

Tracey was crocheting a gorgeous green beanie and got an inch within finishing it before she ran out of wool.
Fingers crossed she can jig it a bit and get it finished at home. 

Mel was feeling a bit stabby and did a little bit of wool felting.

Cute little macaroons Mel had made at home. 
She made two tiny little toadstools and a little hill to put them on on the night. 

Nicole managed to finish knitting one glove for a girlfriend.
I think her girlfriend may be going Micheal Jackson one glove style for a while.

And I managed to add some more embroidery to my blanket but never took any photos of it or myself!
You will just have to trust me that I was there.

Join us on the 3rd of August for the next NCB.


  1. Always fun to see what everyone is up to and share ideas and skills.
    After ignoring the beanie for a couple of days it is done. Dreaming of more new yarn projects, really should be sewing.
    Hope your weekend is a creative one.

  2. oh thanks for sharing, I will try to get back to NCB soon...