Monday, July 11, 2011

Craft Camp

I just had a fantastic three days away with Mel, Bec and Liesl
We stayed at the gorgeous Sewjourn in Lancefield and ate 
(pumpkin soup with yummy bread from Baker's delight)

and sewed,

had some fun with "invisible" zippers

Had a romantic candlelit  path down to the studio as the security lights were not working. 
We thought of this on the second night. 
The first night I may have almost walked into the cactus patch in the dark!

 Ate some more. Very yummy roast pork and vegies for dinner cooked by Liesl.
I also made sticky date pudding but we may have ate it all before I took a picture (oops!)

The Girls enjoying dinner and drinks.

Some more sewing.

Tried to eat more (wool felted macaroon, because we just didn't have enough food!)

Basted quilts,

tried to lay down on the job,

cut it back,

and pinned it all over.

Had fun with long pieces of sting piecing. 
I swapped Bec and sewed her and my blocks while she ironed all our blocks.

Cooked and ate some more,

Liesl made some very moreish donuts, 

and then dipped them in chocolate icing!


Almost untouched platter of fruit...

self timed photo,

Lots and lots of sewing happening in the studio,

Mel hogging 1/2 of the table space!

Yep, we had four machines, two overlockers and two irons between just four of us!

It just got too much for some people

All of our finished and half finished projects,

One quilt finished, one in the planning stage, one top and skirt finished, one bag and four purses made, one quilt basted and another basted quilt and binded (with a little help ;P), one macaroon, one cutre little pair o almost finished pants, and a lot of quilt blocks made.

Cute purses made with tiny little strips leftover from quilt by Bec. 
Bag also by Bec and top and skirt by Liesl (love the FMF flower on the bag, may need to pinch Bec's scraps)

Macaroons felted by Mel and purses by Bec

Cute red cord pants by Liesl with phantom boy wearing them

More pictures of the macaroons, don't you just want a whole plate full of them!

And a very happy and relaxed me in front of the quilt I made on the weekend. (More photos and better post on the quilt coming up later).

I had the best weekend and can't wait until our hopefully 4(!) day weekend next year!


  1. SO JEALOUS! I would have loved to have been there with you and you clearly had a truly wonderful time! What gorgeous things you all made - both of the cooking and the sewing variety!

  2. oh what a wonderful weekend! love all the things you made, particularly LOVE the quilt you were basting on the floor♥♥

  3. It looks like you had sooo much fun - wish I could have come too! More sewing and less cooking is usually my motot but doughnuts!!! Yes please!

    My word verification was whoott! Whoott indeed!

  4. Wow - what a fantastic time you had! One day I will get myself invited to one of these things, and doggamit I will fly down for it!


  5. Looks like fun and you'll be pleased to know that we have some little solar lights along the path now so hopefully no more stubbed toes or cactus prickles!