Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The "I must stop sewing quilts and write and show pictures of them before making more" post

I started and finished this quilt in the last couple of weeks.

I got the inspiration over here, or more like I loved it so much I had to copy it for myself!

The fabric is Sherbet Pips and the pattern is Corner Store from the Material 
Obsession book.

I added two extra rows on the left and right side to make it a bit bigger and now it sits perfectly on my queen sized bed.

I used the girl on the swing fabric from the range on the back.
I'm almost liking the back as much as the front and won't be surprised if I end up with it on the bed upside down! 

The binding is the scarf print in grey and matches in with the sashing I put around the center blocks.

I had it professional quilted with swirls and feathers all over it.
The Boy has decided that this is his favourite quilt that I have made (apart from the one I made him) and is quite happy to sleep under it!

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  1. Love it!! I will probably make you show me this so I can touch it and see all the pretty swirlies!!