Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Still here and now stitching

The hand has healed up pretty well and are back to stitching. My finger is still a bit swollen and can't get my ring back on yet. Thank you for all your well wishes, I am sure they helped in the healing!

I have had a busy few days helping out Nikki at Craft Fair and having heaps of lovely visitors. Snuck a little bit of fabric home with me as well. (shhhhh)

Had a lovely day out with Nicole buying a bit of fabric again (oooops!)

Unfortunately I have misplaced the cord for the laptop and are now writing this on the iPhone. I will tell you that this is a mean feat on something so small!

Fingers crossed the cord turns up soon!


  1. Wow Brianna your embroidery is exquisite! Good to see your fingers are healing up too! xo

  2. wow - you are determined! so glad you're feeling better.
    (PS: we love your hottie cover!)

  3. Your embroidery looks perfect!
    Glad you're hand is starting to heal too!

  4. glad to hear you are on the mend.