Friday, August 5, 2011

Cute things for your Friday night

My cute lil B-Fab arrived today and made herself at home.

I love her soooooo much!
She is now sitting on the laptop watching me type.
Thank you so much Jess!

Nicole and I went to Meet me at Mikes on Wednesday and I just had to bring this cutey home with me.

To meet it's bigger version!

The Boy bought and surprised me with this week!
Even better, she is a lamp and quite big!
At the moment I keep carrying her around to every room just so I can see her all the time!

Third cute thing for your Friday viewing is the cute little macaroon that Mel helped me needle felt on Wednesday at NCB.

It is as hard as nails as I got a little too stabby.
Next NCB we are going to all have a go at needle felting, I can't wait!

And lastly but maybe the most cute of all...

My Hottie's much loved new home!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. little B-Fab is so cute! Your hottie is still much loved - I've actually managed to regain control of the hottie on occasion, but not often!