Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shhhh, don't tell The Boy!

A little bit of fabric has sneaked into the stash,

Little Menagerie by Melly and Me

Don't you just love these cute prints! 
Elephants, owls, little bees,

and cute little monkeys! 

Some cute prints from the range as well.
I'm going to save these for a special quilt (open to suggestions) and then pack it away in the blanket box for a later date.

I also snuck away from helping Nikki at Craft Fair and grabbed myself a like bit more Liberty to add to the stash.

Four Oops, Five 30cm pieces and Five fat 16ths mostly from the new collection

After a long and busy day at the show I would wander down to the Amitie stall and chat to the girls and just stroke the Liberty. 
(yes I'm weird, but it did make me feel better!) 

I have a little something in mind for these....

And, don't worry The Boy sees all the fabric and even rates it all for me!


  1. your not the only one to love Liberty. The plain fabric is just as nice.

  2. where did you get the little menagerie fabric??? Have been looking for the monkey fabric and haven't been able to find it