Friday, June 24, 2011

Joseph the technicoloured wheat pack

What every crafter needs for their sore back

A Joseph to sooth their sore muscles and make them feel happy all at the same time.
It is especially fun watching him go round and round in the microwave.
Although very hard to get a photo of him in there. 
He likes to hide in his techicoloured shell to avoid the radiation (he is scared he might start glowing!)

If you would like a Joseph all of your own or maybe a Bottie or Hedwig you better go see the lovely Curlypops.

Disclaimer: No snails were hurt in the making of this blog post.


  1. He is so cool and technicoloured (just how I love it)!
    I really hope he helps that pesky sore back too - really not good when you can't sew!

  2. nice one! that is one very cool wheat bag Brianna ♥
    hope you are better soon

  3. It's fantastic! That's a really good use for the colouring panels.

  4. so cute!! what did you use to fill him?