Friday, May 27, 2011

Picnic and Fairgrounds by Denyse Schmidt

Had to pop into Spotlight this afternoon and almost fell over this...


Beautiful Picnic and Fairgrounds fabric by Denyse Schmidt.

I quickly text Bec, who rang and almost screamed down the phone at me to get her some as well! 
We decided on half a meter of each which we are going to split into fat quarters for each of us.

The lovely Spotlight lady who was unpacking it made sure I had all the different prints and colours, shifting bolts off trolleys and unpacking any that were not already on the shelf.


So this was my trolley as I lined up to the counter. 
Lucky the lady behind the counter was someone I knew and was very happy to cut them all for me and have a little chat while she was doing it!

It's now all sitting on my cutting table waiting to be cut into fat quarter pieces.

I took closer pictures of the fabrics so you can have look...


Light blues,

Mustard yellows,

Greens and dark blues.

Now I just have to decide what to make with it, oh and give half to Bec (must not forget that!).


  1. ha ha well done! captured and scored

  2. Oooh Brianna which store did you go to as you have one print my friend wanted that wasn't in my store - the green leaves with swirls???
    It looks so lovely all piled together like that - I wish I needed some as opposed to just wanting it!

  3. I'm loving those mustard yellows! Yellow is my new favourite & best. (I mostly just came over to see if I could comment or not lol, but oooooh, yellow....)

  4. Woohooo!!!! Can't wait for our store to get it in xox

  5. aargh - i picked up a couple of those blues and greens today - gorgeous!