Friday, February 18, 2011

My day with Kaffe and Brandon: Part Four

Last post on this I swear!

I filmed what Kaffe had to say about my Quilt just so you guys can see it:

At the end of the day we got to get our books signed and a couple of us snuck in some photos as well.

Kaffe and Brandon also showed us some of their quilts:

I love, love, love this next quilt. It is on the front of their next book. I am thinking that DJ may be getting this for Christmas, if I can give it up after I make it!

And then it was all over.

I managed to make it to NGA and have a quick look around before it closed but unfortunately not enough time to see Ballets Russes. I then caught a taxi out to the airport. My flight was delayed for an hour, so sat around Canberra airport for three very long hours.

Finally made it back to Melbourne and in bed at 11:30, very, very long day but one of the best of my life!


  1. 'the coolest quilt' excellent compliment ha ha!
    looks like you had a great day! have you recovered yet?

  2. Oh, I feel a bit teary after reading those 4 posts, so proud! I feel like saying in a Yoda voice 'the talent is strong in this one, hmmm?' Good on you for saving up (it couldn't have come cheap!) and going to all that effort for the memories that day will bring- and the video proof! Wow, envy big time!

  3. Awesome!
    I am so jealous, what a cool thing to do.

  4. Fabulous idea to film Kaffe talking about your quilt, why didn't I think of that? Love the pic of you with Brandon especially, not to mention your gorgeous quilt. We never got to see these extra quilts, perhaps they forgot to bring them for our day?!! xo

  5. Thank you for posting photos of these brilliant quilts so we can 'drool' over them too :D!