Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space...

It's such a lovely day outside but I am trying to be good and are chaining myself to my sewing machine until I get my two WIP finished. 

Need to sew the last couple of rows on this one but it is so big now I'm having trouble lying it out on the floor. Who knew 2.5 meters square was so big!

Just have to hopefully find something in the Kaffe fabric collection to border this with. Just not happy with anything I've tried so far. 

Off to chain myself to the sewing machine so I don't run out to the line and bring these sweeties inside and start another quilt!

For more creative spaces, pop over and see Kirsty.  


  1. Oooh, looks like the op shop fairies have been looking after someone this week. Happy sewing.

  2. ha ha decided to wash before unpicking then?
    they look good all together on the line so they will surely make an amazing quilt :D

  3. Gorgeous vintage sheets and pillowcases. I love your 9-patch quilt, I hope you can find a border for it, do you need one? it looks great as it is. xo

  4. You've got some gorgeous fabrics ready to be made into quilts - and I love the colours of the quilt waiting to be sewn together.

  5. Oh my! Your clothes line is heavenly!!!

  6. Bliss! Your WIP looks great! Hope it comes together without drama. I'd happily roll in your fabric too! lol