Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I got to meet Meet me at Mike's!

Last night I went along to Pip's talk and book signing at Reading in Carlton. 
It was great! 
Pip was very happy that more than one person turned up!

Pip (and Ari) spoke about how it was a family and friend based book and pointed out pictures of themselves and other friends from the book (including their Magpie Rochester!).

Pip then open the floor to questions, including what you need to get started (sewing machine, and good scissors),  where to buy fabric (spotlight, check your cardboards, op shops and Patchwork on Central Park), what she had for lunch (sorry I can't remember her answer!) and I asked Ari how many pictures of him were in the book (three).

Pip then went into the making of the book, making the items, writing instructions for them, remaking off the instructions, the people that designed the book, took the lovely pictures and edited the book.  
  She also showed as what she she working on at the moment, and the plans for the next two(!) books.

She then was very lovely and signed my book and let me get a photo with her:

Not the best picture of me!
I had a fantastic night and urge you all to go out and buy Pip's book.

I'm off to Nicole's house now for some crochet (her) and cross-stitching & Sew la tea do reading (me).
Have a lovely Wednesday!


  1. Hmmm ... wondering if she is planning to come to Sydney anytime soon ...

  2. That sounds like fun! I'll have to see if I can get a hold of a copy of her book.