Monday, June 21, 2010

'Cause I'm still a kid at heart and a sneak peak for Polka Dot Daze

Just couldn't leave this little guy at the shops. He looked so sad with no one to play with him!
Plus he is my favorite character from Toy Story. Unfortunately he had a piece of string in him so I can pull him really, really long! 

A quick sneak peak for Polka Dot Dazeand a pic of the beautiful cupcakes DJ's sister had for her 21st. Love the glitter butterflies!

Off to stitching tonight, have a new project in mind but really need to get my Rocking Horse finished first!


  1. I love that little dog and I haven't even seen Toystory !

  2. Toy Story is a huge favourite in our place. My 13 yo son and I are going to see No 3 in 3D soon. My favourite character is Woody!

  3. Now that really is a tease :)