Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Giveaway Winner (Finally)

I'm very sorry for the late post. We went to Phillip Island for the long weekend and I could not get enough 3G reception to blog from the iphone. Was sitting upstairs right next to the window trying my little heart out (in the dark for some reason!) to get it to load, with no success :( 
So finally, the winner is Polka Dot Daze
Could you please email me your details and more importantly which prize you would like! Thank you to everyone for entering. I'm sorry I didn't not reply to all of your comments, have been a little unwell. Think I may be lactose intorelent, so are going for the tests next week but in the meantime are being very careful with what I eat! Had a couple of bites of DJ's Chicken Kiev last night and ended up in bed sick less than half a hour later. Not very fun!
Have finished a couple things over the last week, but the all ended up in the shop before silly me took pictures of them. Hopefully take some today and post them later tonight. 

Off to wait for the postie to arrive. Silly volanco, don't you know I need my Kaffe book!


  1. i hope you're feeling well soon ... and well done to polka dot daze. Lucky you to get a parcel of yummy goodies.

  2. Yay - that's me!
    Thank you soo much!
    I am sorry Tilda, but I choose one of those gorgeous pincushions.