Friday, December 17, 2010

Groovy 80's

Sharing old photos today with Ms CurlyPops

These are two of my Uncles with me on my Christening day. I'm loving the brown suits! My Uncle still has that beard to this day, 24 years later. I have never seen him without it!

 I swear that every child born or has lived or visited Melbourne Zoo has nearly this exact photo. This was my second birthday and my Mum has still kept the dress I have on.

Unlike Ms Dabblingallday, I decided it would be more fun putting the pegs on my brother than myself. I'm not sure if my brother is about to cry or laugh! I will have to try and dig out the one where we have managed to get him into my dolls pram.

This is my cousin and I 'helping' bake at my Grandma's house. My Grandma use to let us help cook every single time we were there and still does now. She is in the top left corner, I am of course the one with the very blonde hair and my cousin is the one with the girls' mullet!  

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my photos.  


  1. i must say i don't think i had much choice in the matter when it came to my peg-ing...

  2. Check out your grandmas groovy kitchen and laminex table - cool!
    I'm glad that you're not the only one who picked on your little brother... my sister and I used to dress our little brother up and wheel him around in our dollies prams too!

  3. Great photos! I have similar ones of myself, and now of my daughter, from childhood. Aren't they such fun to look at?