Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Creative Space

Starting to do my pincushion for my lovely swap partner (hence the sneaking little picture!). Off for a massage and facial this morning (Lucky me!), my belated Valentine's Day present.  Then back to more of these....

Only 300 or so more to go. Thinking of buying a layer cake of Jelly roll of Kaffe to add more colours to it which I wouldn't normal buy. I'm open to suggestions.

For more creative spaces click over and see this lovely Lady.


  1. The little peek of pincushion looks very promising.

  2. The little petals look fab - the colours all mix together so well.

  3. your pincushion looks so gorgeous! all those petals OMG you must have the patience of a saint!!!!

  4. Great fabrics. Are you going to try a color wash, or just mix it all up?